Ice Climbing

Our ice climbing instruction is focused on technical skills training and advanced techniques for those interested in advancing their knowledge and ability in the vertical world.  We'll help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your personal climbing goals.  Not only will we teach you how to do something but we'll also teach you why so that you'll have the understanding to apply your skills in any situation.


1 person = $200/day
2 people = $250/day
3 people = $300/day
All ice climbing instruction follows current AMGA standards and is conducted in a well-organized and structured manner catered to the individuals needs and expectations.

*Rates include all equipment except for mountain boots.



Advanced Ice Climbing
For anyone with previous ice climbing experience interested in learning techniques for climbing a variety of intermediate to advanced terrain.
  • techniques for efficient movement

  • resting and conserving energy

  • belaying a leader

  • ice protection

  • following a multi-pitch climb

  • multi- pitch rappelling

Efficient Climbing Techniques
Learn how to climb efficiently by making every move count and minimizing wasted energy enabling you to climb bigger and harder routes with less effort.
  • racking your gear for easy access

  • selecting and tuning your gear

  • body position, balance, awareness

  • route strategy

  • how and when to rest

  • staying warm and comfortable

Anchors for Ice
Building anchors in ice has a unique set of considerations due to constantly changing conditions.  Learn how to safely build bomber anchors for a variety of situations.
  • quality and strength of ice

  • natural features

  • using and maintaining ice screws

  • v-threads

  • anchor loading

  • top-rope, hanging belay, and rappel

Ice Lead Climbing
For climbers who have experience top-roping or seconding and would like to learn how to lead moderate single pitch ice routes. 
  • ice anchors

  • fall dynamics

  • belay setup

  • rope management

  • rappel setup

  • rescue techniques

Advanced Ice Lead Climbing
For climbers who have some experience leading moderate routes and want to tackle longer and more challenging routes:
  • hanging belays

  • belay transistions

  • double rope techniques

  • traverses

  • v-threads

  • multi-pitch rappels

Mixed Climbing
Open up your options with mixed routes by learning to seemlessly transition between rock and ice.
  • route condition and strategies

  • techniques for very thin ice

  • dry-tooling

  • climbing rock with crampons

  • rock protection

  • aid techniques