Science Education

Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand.
– Chinese Proverb

These educational programs are designed to teach the fundamentals of science and math in the context of real-world adventure based experiences.  The focus is on the process with emphasis on understanding the application and usefulness of the science outside of the classroom.


The programs are also structured to promote life skills such as:

These programs are primarily intended for young people (age 12-16) who have an interest in science and engineering and would like to see what its all about in a practical but fun environment.  If you're a fan of "Mythbusters" then you'll like these courses.


The Science of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a dynamic sport that involves a delicate balance of physics, physical fitness, and mental awareness with a practical understanding of geometry, geography, and geology.  At times it also requires a little trust; how do you know that those ropes and caribiners aren't going to break when you're hanging 50' off the ground?  What do climbing equipment manufacturers do to make sure that the gear they sold you isn't going to break when you take your next 40' whipper?


Explore what goes into the design and testing of climbing gear by actually using and evaluating it while climbing at the local crag, and then investigating the science involved through live scenarios.  We'll set up field-based lab tests and look at things like the friction of climbing shoes, forces on anchors, the dynamics of falling, energy transfer through ropes and anchor systems, strength of climbing gear, and factors of safety.  By the end of this course you'll be comfortable trusting your life with climbing equipment and will be able to explain to your friends all of the technical details.


You'll climb, rappel, belay, build anchors, get dirty, do some hiking, study science, do some math, read some maps, and have fun.


measuring fall forces

frayed rope after drop testing

preparing to drop Clyde onto a Screamer

jugging up fixed lines

building a trad anchor

will this anchor hold a fall?

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